Oak Mission Living Set
April 23, 2010

White oak with a clear, satin finish is a favorite of my furniture construction mediums. Having a bright and airy living area in our home, we thought that large, Arts and Craft white oak pieces would be a good fit. It is certainly easier for me to build several similar pieces at the same time, scanning the lumber pile to find the best woods for each piece, as well as reusing some of the construction techniques. This set of furniture would include (2) bookcases (in the Étagères style), a large coffee table, an end table and sofa table, all of mostly quartersawn white oak and, hopefully, with dimensions and details that will complement each other.

A lot of mortise and tenon work in these pieces. My table saw tenoning jig and Powermatic Mortiser make quick work of the actual cutting, there is also a considerable amount of layout to get the end rails and stiles to match my plans.

I was looking to make a large coffee table with a lot of thick oak pieces, but not to have that massive trestle-table look. Although the top is a full 5-quarter thick, I believe the balance of this is close to what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find enough quartersawn (and didn’t want to pay the price) to do the top, so most of this table is just plane sawn white oak. It is finished with tung oil wipe-on and wax.

The end table and sofa table are completed and finished, as all the other pieces, with a wipe-on tung oil finish, in addition to a coat of wax.

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